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    Professional team

    The ShineEst Centre for Aesthetic Medicine employs doctors of the first and highest category and candidates of medical sciences. The clinic's team includes a professor and the chief freelance plastic surgeon of the Belarusian Ministry of Health. All doctors are professionals in their field. Doctors at the centre regularly attend specialised conferences, are interested in new developments in the cosmetology industry and practice new treatment methods.

    Modern equipment

    The clinic is equipped with premium-class medical equipment, which allows for more effective treatment and accurate diagnosis. "ShineEst" сentre's arsenal includes cosmetology apparatuses, ultrasound systems, powerful lasers and many other progressive equipment.

    Advantageous offers

    Many popular services are combined into complexes, which saves money. It is possible to purchase gift certificates for your loved ones here.

    "ShineEst" is a modern centre for cosmetology and plastic surgery. For several years in a row, the clinic has received the honorary award "Best Centre for Aesthetic Medicine". "ShineEst" is constantly developing and expanding its range of activities.


    The Aesthetic Medicine Centre provides services in those directions:

    • Cosmetology (carboxytherapy, SMAS lifting, peeling, photorejuvenation, etc.)
    • Dermatology (trichology, acne treatment, removal of neoplasms, rumens, scars, tattoos)
    • Laser epilation
    • Injection cosmetology (mesotherapy, biorevitalisation, thread lift, plasma therapy, contour correction)
    • Figure correction (laser lipolysis)
    • Pressotherapy
    • Trichology

    "ShineEst" Aesthetic Medicine Centre - beauty is available to everyone.

    Please note that a specialist consultation is required: advertised medical services may have contraindications and adverse reactions.

    Brilevichi, Mihalovo, Petrovschina


    center for Laser and Aesthetic Medicine «ShineEst»
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    I have been visiting the center for several years with various problems. Excellent specialists and results. This time I ...was in consultation with Igor Vladimirovich Shpilevsky about scars around the eyes. The zone is delicate, there are many questions, little information. The doctor is very pleasant to talk to, gave detailed answers to all questions, explained every little thing, prescribed treatment. Very grateful! There would be more such professionals!
    I thank Sergey Kozlenko for the excellently performed SMAS-lifting procedure. Everything went very well. In just an hour..., the skin became firm and youthful. I will definitely come back to you again.
    I have been visiting the center almost since the opening. Very cool center. I liked the new SMAS procedure and gave a re...sult. I went through a course of hair removal, the hair hardly grows, it is very effective and does not hurt, and you can sunbathe right away. I would also recommend a relatively new procedure to everyone: hydromassage. Refreshes, especially in summer. Thank you ShineEst for the new items!
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